Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday, My Son

February 27th is the birthday of my child Casey. Here he is digging in the dirt in the backyard at the log house, wearing jeans and his pea coat with the flag pin his Grandad made sure he always wore. He was a cute little tow headed bugger when he was young.

At age nineteen he was elected Mayor of his hometown, when he was a sophomore political science major at the University there. Today, in addition to being Mayor and an active volunteer fireman he is the Borough Manager of a small nearby town. His Father, Mother, Stepfather and all the rest of his family are very proud of him. You've grown up to be a good and useful person Pieboy !

Senator Bob Casey, D - Pennsylvania and my son Casey. Watch out Senator , some one's sniffing after your job !

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