Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meghan McCain Gets Her Ass Handed To Her

Meghan McCain was on the Bill Maher show the other day. I must say that I had, before this, some sympathy ( no, don't even call it admiration) for her mavericky ( where did I hear that word before ?) tendency to differ with some of the Republican powers that be. But she blew it on this show. She used the old girly girl / youth cop out and got handed her ass on a plate. She really has no business going on TV shows and giving her "opinions". Meghan, go back home, crack a Bud Light and read a fucking book.

It all got started during a discussion of George Bush, who McCain acknowledged was a less than perfect president. But McCain also pointed a finger at the Obama administration in Bush's defense, saying she felt that the Obama administration "has to stop completely blaming everything on its predecessor." When Maher asked McCain if she really thought this is what Obama is doing, McCain said "I do to a degree." A clearly annoyed Begala immediately shook his head and said "not to enough of a degree, I'm sorry not nearly enough." He then began to explain how President Reagan blamed Jimmy Carter for years, to which McCain responded blithely "you know I wasn't born yet so I wouldn't know." Going in for the kill, Begala fired back "I wasn't born during the French Revolution but I know about it."

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