Tuesday, December 22, 2009


These old trucks are in Brownsville Pa. near the railroad yards and an old distillery.

About a dozen trains a day run down the main street of West Brownsville as they have done every day for over a hundred years.

Kid as kid with first electric. This was a Fender knock off which I soon traded for a Hagstrom. I still have the Hag, it has a neck as thin as a straw and plays like butter.

The Monongahela River at Brownsville. Tye dyed nature show courtesy of God.

Random living room window.

My son's yard, garden needs thinned out.

Summers gone around here, lest we forget.

When I was in the blues band years ago we opened for Jack " The Oil Man " Johnson from Mississippi at Price's Tavern in Washington Pa. Here's me and his lead guitar player, Roger Montgomery.

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Archaeology Dude said...

Nice pics of Brownsville PA! I live there and its always beautiful in the fall!