Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grey skies are gonna clear up, sit on a happy face !

Yes.......................spread sunshine all over the place.....when you ....sit .....on .....a ......happy faaaaaaaaaaaaaace !
Thats my word now. After three separate health incidents so far this year, I am looking for things to get at least back to normal. I would settle for normal.

Seven new inches of snow last night covered all the dirty snow piles, creating again that kind of icy moonscape that is winter here in western Pennsylvania. The birds seem as fat as ever so they must be getting enough to eat.
They seem very busy around the creek in my backyard. The Cardinals and the huge Blue Jays add the only color found other than the drab browns and greens. Animation is provided by the the small flocks of gold flecked Grackles, who can pick an area clean of half a loaf of old bread in about 6 minutes. I watched a young woodpecker on the wooden electric pole, pecking around. Poor deluded thing, what do the polite ladies say down south ? " Bless your heart."

Obama and the Democrats seem to me to be finally growing a set of Cojonies in their dealings with the lunatic fringe currently operating the Republican party. This and the fact that the infighting / power grabbing going on in that party continues to weaken them and their party of No is finally being recognized for what it is. They show their ass so often and in so many ways. I am encouraged.

Been watching old movies during my illness (es). From Amazon came a box set ( 100 Mystery Classics, Mill Creek Entertainment, 2008 ) of 100 B movies, all mystery / whodunit type things. I love B movies from the old poverty row studios : Grand National, Producers Releasing Corp, Republic and Monogram. There are some real classics on there though including My Man Godfrey, His Girl Friday, Beat The Devil, The Stranger and Algiers. Actors mostly forgotten now but whose faces and voices were once familiar to millions of people. Many of the characters seem like a cliche now but these folks were the ones who originated the persona. The dithery society matron of Billie Burke,the elegant Franchot Tone, troubled Edmund O'Brien, William Powell who stole every scene in whatever production he was ever in ( see Life With Father or the Thin Man series ). There are many big name actors too, Bogart, Cagney, Eddy G Robinson, Charles Boyer and Cary Grant. All were mostly filmed in the 1930's - 40's, with a dozen or so from the early 50's. It took me a week to watch all of them but with the sinus infection I wasn't much good for anything else. Indeed, after 2 weeks of affliction and 1 week of taking an antibiotic the sinus malfunction still lingers behind my left eye. But hey ............pack up your cares and cheer up, sit on a happy face ............


The Old Bat Cadet said...

Bless your heart. Glad you're back and feeling better. Missed you.

French Shelter said...

That is an extraordinary photo.
The bird photo, that is.

Cow shit, I prefer fresh and out of focus.