Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Palin Family Values

These are two kids who were both forced to quit high school because of Grandma Bible Spice's holyroller style American values. So much for promoting abstinence and denying sex education. With the fundies it's all about how it looks, not what is wiser or better for everyone. Speaking of God, Lord Almighty could you imagine the weeping, whining, pissing and moaning if this were the Obama's 18 year old daughter, or any other Democrats' children ? That bloated Rush , Billo and the peckerheads at Fox news would never let it rest. All a reasonable person can say is best of luck to the the new parents, they are no different and no dumber than most eighteen year olds. Looks like they fired up the old Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator for this new child. Their bad fortune is to have to spend future holiday dinners at the tables of either of their crazy parents. I suggest you two move to the lower 48 and get the fuck away from both your families.

Bristol Palin gave birth to her much-anticipated baby son on Sunday, People.com reported this evening.
The first grandchild of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, weighing in at seven pounds, four ounces.
When it was announced shortly after Gov. Palin was named John McCain's running mate that her teenage daughter was expecting, it triggered national debates on teen pregnancy and marriage, abstinence education, the VP vetting process, the privacy of political families and, well, just about everything.
Bristol Palin is 18, as is her boyfriend of three years, Levi Johnston, a former high school hockey player. Both have dropped out of high school -- she to complete her diploma through correspondence courses, People reports, and he to become an apprentice electrician, he told the AP this fall. They have said they plan to marry in 2009. (Johnston's mother Sherry was arrested earlier this month on felony drug charges for allegedly selling OxyContin.)
This was pinched from the Washington Post. I'm sure the story will go on and on and on.

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