Friday, January 9, 2009

Now Guitar Heroes Can Play Real Guitar

I play guitar so I've never been impressed with the Guitar Hero game but at a bar near me on Thursday nights teams of crazy drunks compete playing it and it is loads of fun to watch. Of course no one is playing for real, they are just pushing colored buttons on toy guitars, kind of like high tech air guitar. Only the singers need some real chops / talent to play the game, the others including the drummer are just going through the motions. Well that's not going to impress the girls which is why every one learns to play guitar in the first place . Soon guitar hero wannabees can actually learn to play guitar or at least to learn where you put your fingers, which is very necessary in playing actual guitar. This is a great idea. Using a real and playable guitar in this game means you actually take something home after the experience, something you can apply to real life. The system uses a guitar with color coded strings and has lessons to teach guitar as well as featuring competitive game play. So now you can really rock out, make the other, plastic guitar guys or girls look like dorks and get the real chicks ( or guys ) too. Disney is involved in this so lets hope the music cranks and that its not High School Musical type drivel.

When I get big I'm gonna get an electric guitar..............when I get real big - Neil Young muttering between songs at a concert.

A real guitar, a 1982 Epiphone Spirit. The Spirit is Epiphone / Gibson's answer to the Fender Tele, a working man's axe, a solid slab of wood with two hot pickups and a perfect neck.
I never achieved hero status with it ( my guitar playing friends would quickly agree ) but for a few years I seldom paid for my own drinks in the local that's status you can use !

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Indie said...

I found your blog by accident, but I have to comment on this. I play guitar so have the same feelings about Guitar Hero as you do.

When my son asked for Guitar Hero, I bought him a guitar and amp that he soon learned to play a little. The Christmas came and his girlfriend bought him Guitar Hero. I don't think he's picked up his electric guitar since. *sigh*