Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google Reader is Pretty Handy and Theres No Dripping And Zizzing Like With The Tropical Fishes

Google Reader is a very handy system for saving time. For years I put off buying a computer because I knew, that as an information junkie I was going to be hooked from the moment I started. And so I was, guitar, Civil War, Blues Music and I wish that was all. Just like years ago when you first got cable TV and couldn't sleep for days for fear of missing something, movies or news or nudity. Years ago I was into photographing trains. I realized that for the longest time the only way I had looked at a train was through a camera lens. I started letting the camera hang on my chest and watching the train as it passed. Real life in real time is best, that's why I don't like to stay here too long.

I found that I was checking 50 or so blogs every day and some of them more than once a day, burning up a lot of time. This Google Reader constantly checks your favorite news sites and blogs for brand new content. Whether a site updates daily or monthly, you can be sure that you won't miss a thing. It shows them all on one page and you just scroll through. Any you click on takes you to that site in a new window. As you read them they are marked as such and disappear. You can Star any story to save it in a separate folder. There is a system to easily search ( type in either URL or blog title and it finds it ) and add content. I use several other Google Services and this dovetails in some degree or another with those. I know, this has probably been around since the 1950's but several of my friends had no knowledge of it, hence my reason for posting this.

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