Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Dolly On Vacation

5 Cardinals

Sunrise Up Mather Hill


Ten Mile Creek

The Grinders Blues Band at Station Square in Pittsburgh, a long ago August. Me , Doch, Kelly and Brian, it was 100 degrees

Fred the cat

My old guitar buddy Steve comes over once a month or so with his favorite brand of Bourbon. Knob Creek is one very good drink and though it is a little hot going down it has a fine aftertaste. No chaser, that's the way to drink good liquor.

The swinging bridge. When I was young we would get about ten kids out in the middle and rock it from side to side like a swing.

Books that I really enjoy are kept and read again every couple years. I probably reread as much as I first time read. But I need to have a yard sale.


thePhukTarD said...

interesting melange of pics.

Larry The Kidman said...

Thank You Fucktard.