Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Wisdom From Pancake Head Palin

" BLITZER: Does that mean you want to come up with a new Sarah Palin initiative that you want to release right now.
PALIN: Gah! Nothing specific right now. Sitting here in these chairs that I’m going to be proposing but in working with these governors who again on the front lines are forced to and it’s our privileged obligation to find solutions to the challenges facing our own states every day being held accountable, not being just one of many just casting votes or voting present every once in a while, we don’t get away with that. We have to balance budgets and we’re dealing with multibillion dollar budgets and tens of thousands of employees in our organizations. "

Gah ! ..................Nothing specific here at all...............actually , nothing said either because Princess Sparkle Pony strings together buzz words and generally noble rhetoric. Sadly , it's enough to excite the fundies and the bubbas. They love her down at the four wheel mud bog. They love her down at the Church of Fuck You, I've Got Mine. She has to be the first beauty queen that is against world peace. Everyone please donate to her next campaign, and Huck's and Mittens' and Rooty's because to watch the Republicans tear each other apart for the next few years will be .....well.....sublime.

The Sarah image is done by the artist Dan Lacey. He does others with a pancake on their head and he has Condi Rice with a jockstrap on her head. Isn't the internets great ?

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