Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What New Hell Is this ?

The brilliant alcoholic Dorothy Parker , when the phone would ring would ask " What new Hell is this ? ". Now I can relate to that ............no one gets telegrams anymore so bad news usually comes by phone. I am a little guarded when I answer the phone because really you just never know . Do you ever get the creepy feeling that something is sneaking up on you ? That bad vibes are swooping around your house like a lice infested flapping bird, ready to shit a gutful of woe down your chimney ? That there is some drooling harpy, reeking of mendacity and noisily masticating God knows what just beyond the limit of your peripheral vision, ready to leap onto you and start tearing soft strips of flesh off the small of your back ? That when you sleep rheumy yellow eyes are searching out your life source, to feast on you for their own temporary fulfillment ? Not me , I'm usually a pretty cheerful guy who doesn't worry about what he can't see. It's the living that scare me. Lord, please don't let this guy ( click pic for larger image, and prepare to be weirded out ) attend MY viewing. At least don't leave my corpse alone with him. Have the old women sit up all night to keep the flies and creeps off me, please !

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