Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Bless our veterans. Let us honor their sacrifice by living good lives.

Remember us
we were just kids - the most of us
not militant, not warriors
and certainly not men
but trying just as hard as
any can imagine to be so
just ordinary guys
like you
and had we made it home we would be
standing where you stand,
quiet with the thoughts you think
no different
the same

just guys
........looking to be home.

- Poem on The Washington County ( Pa. ) Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial

My father was a paratrooper in the 17th Airborne Division . He was in the Battle of the Bulge and other actions in Belgium, Holland and Germany . His brother Alex also served in WW II as did five of my mothers' brothers. My Uncle John was a tanker with Patton and earned the Bronze Star with V, the Croix DeGuerre and four bronze battle stars. My stepfather fought at Guam and Okinawa with the army's 77th Division, US Marines on Guam nicknamed them the "77th Marine Division". Another uncle was disabled in Korea. I have several second cousins who are presently in the middle east. I hope they and all the others safely return from the madness men make.

Terry Kelly on taking a bit of time to remember the ones who served.

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